Stone Patio Designs

Stone is unmatched in its organic and natural beauty making it a wonderful choice for stone patio designs. Stone easily coordinates with different styles of architecture and is available in many textures and colors. Stone is found as tiles, manufactured and cut in standard dimensions and thickness, or rough flagstone.

Geological forces and where the stones were collected determine their hardness. A particular form of sandstone can be as durable against scratches as marble; however, other types of stone can be fragile enough to dent with a fingernail.

Stones absorb water differently as well. Stones can easily absorb water if they are highly porous. In cold weather, the water expands when frozen and can crack the stone. Therefore, the less water a stone is able to absorb, the more durable it is. Low absorbing types of stones last much longer when placed outdoors than highly porous stones. This is what makes them such an excellent material for stone patio designs.


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