patio chair with hidden ottoman

Ever tried to balance a laptop computer or a cup of coffee on the arm of your sofa, sometimes with disastrous results? Investing in a well-placed end table is well worth the frustration of cleaning up a spill or replacing a hard drive! But just as importantly, it adds a decorative accent and sense of completion to a furniture grouping.

If you like to play chess or cards, these tables are uniquely adaptable to smaller areas of your home that may not be able to accommodate a larger piece of furniture. Other areas perfect for end tables are hallways, nooks, bathrooms and kitchens. You may even have a large closet where shelves are not practical but an appropriately sized end table serves the perfect purpose for stowing away a purse, a jewelry box or a potpourri bowl full of dried flowers.

If you have a large area or a long, rectangular room, you could try placing your furniture so you have distinct areas for multiple functions. This is particularly effective in a great room or open living plan, where you may spend time conversing in one area, playing piano or listening to music in another, and doing work or homework in yet another corner of the room.


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