Decomposed Granite Patio

Driveways are becoming an expensive part of any home. Though concrete, asphalt and gravel are still used; they have taken a backseat to designer driveways. Today, pavers, acid washed or stamped concrete are the latest. However, the materials used for these types of driveways can be outrageously expensive. However, there is a solution to creating a nice driveway at a reasonable price. Decomposed granite has arrived on the scene of the paving market with a vengeance. Some of those other paving materials are much more expensive compared to the decomposed granite cost.

Decomposed rock granite materials for making driveways, paths and patios is a mixture of materials. Granite is crushed into very small pieces and mixed together with limestone and concrete. There are some other trace minerals included to give the mixture some color. Color choices range from various shades of red to gold with decomposed granite. The mixture is poured like concrete and formed in the shape that is desired. Decomposed granite is also a very durable material that holds up well in inclement weather.


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