c spring patio chairs

A strange phenomenon takes place in the spring and you should sit back and watch it happen. Treat it like an experiment and take notes. But when you get a chance, make the fireplace a part of it.

The spring phenomenon only begins with the fact that spring brings a fresh new life to everything. It doesn’t end there. The new flowers and the fresh new air are only a sign of what is to come. When spring comes, we get active. We start to get out more and do more things. But, that’s only the beginning of what this spring phenomenon really means.

One of the first things that happens seemingly by osmosis is the fact that your furniture starts to separate. You may have never noticed. But in the fall, the furniture becomes enclosed. People pull them together to get closer to each other. It happens almost unconsciously. But, it happens.

In the spring, people naturally push the furniture apart to spread out and give each other more space. If the couch had been the focal point throughout the fall and winter months, the chairs and the coffee table would have been drawn closer to it. But when spring comes, the chairs naturally drift further away and the coffee table gets pushed back to its original place. You may not want to believe this phenomenon. So, just sit back and watch it happen as the weather begins to get warmer.

Another interesting phenomenon that is taking place is the fact that spring is arriving earlier and earlier every year. This year, it’s reported that spring will arrive ten days earlier than it used to twenty years ago. Without getting into the scientific basis for this phenomenon, I would actually look forward to taking advantage of this change.

Once the snow melts and the weather starts to clear, start building your patio fireplace. You’ll have ten extra days to start enjoying your company in a nice outside setting where you’ve wanted to be all winter long. The size and dimensions are up to you. But, I have nice patio fireplace ideas that are easy and you can do them yourself.


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